About Ericamos

When this Southern California girl is not busy filling young minds with knowledge, Erica is reading (probably Harry Potter for the umpteenth time), writing in her journal, crocheting Hogwarts House attire for friends, or jumping into the world of camp directing at her own childhood camp. She’s generally a quiet individual who prefers to hear other people’s stories than tell her own, so she created a blog where she could “speak up” and share her quirky side. YeahImANerd.com is where she writes about silly topics such as her bladder problems while running a marathon and planning for the zombie apocalypse, as well as serious pieces about her experiences with pregnancy loss. Her blog suffered technical difficulties which resulted in lost comments and entries, but undeterred, she is re-building it and appreciates the patience of her readers.

She likes to imagine that she’s as cool as Janeane Garafalo in Wet Hot American Summer.

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